MUNI BRT's spin doctors use "Virtual Reality" to hide "actual reality"



Look at this deceptively fun kiosk. It's similar to those you'd find at landmarks around the world such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Ocean Beach and Fishermans' Wharf, only this kiosk is using Virtual Reality (technically its using even more sophisticated AR or Augmented Reality) to give you an idealized sales pitch for what the end result will look like. How did MUNI get permission to obstruct this busy sidewalk? How many tens of thousands of dollars was spent on this publicity stunt? You can imagine that a lot of money was spent on this high tech sales pitch to excite people about the promise of the future, the only problem is that MUNI doesn't keep its promises. What's worse than that is when MUNI fails to keep its promise, nobody is accountable when the devastation of neighborhoods, jobs and communities take place. 

For over 20 years MUNI has been trying to bulldoze it's BRT program down our streets. They claim they care about our opinion, but their own signs claim that the project is moving forward. They are presenting this as if it's a done deal. They are doing this regardless of the protests from Mom and Pop businesses and community leaders alike. 

The SFMTA, the people behind MUNI BRT are trying to fool you by thinking this is a done deal. The truth is that you have a chance to oppose this, and if you care about jobs, seniors and affordable rents then we need you to let MUNI know that they can't get away with it.

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The Geary Blvd. Merchants Association

Planning Association for the Richmond

San Francisco Council of District Merchants

The West Portal Merchants Association

Inner Sunset Merchants Association

The Noe Valley Merchants Association


Beauty Network

Big O Tires and Service Center

Cournale & Co.

Fast Stats/Type & Graphics

House of Bagels

House of Flowers

Joe’s Pharmacy

Kitaro Restaurant

Marie Brooks- Ellis Brooks Auto Center

McAvoy & O’Hara

Nizario’s Pizza

Richmond Produce Market

Richmond Vision Care   

San Francisco Toyota

Tia Margarita Restaurant

Tigges Jewelry

Torgsyn Pharmacy

Vance Economic Services

(P.S. These are all small businesses people who employ people from the community)