Muni's Sales Pitch

Muni is using manipulative presentation tactics in their strategy to push through their agenda leading to a new developer land grab that will crush small business jobs, threaten Senior Safety, send rents skyrocketing upwards.

Muni's BRT Sales Pitch>

Muni's Reality

Muni's sales pitch ended up crushing small business and destroyed critical jobs for youth, college students and seniors on Ocean Avenue as well as 3rd Street. Now they have Geary Blvd., Taravel, Van Ness and Noe Valley in their crosshairs.

The Reality Behind MUNI BRT>

Communities at risk

Four different neighborhood associations (with more on the way) have joined together to fight Muni in their attempt to bulldoze the public to get what they want. They think, "shaving" a few minutes from your commute is worth crushing jobs and affordable housing in your neighborhood.

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We support because we deserve to have a say in our future. 

The Geary Blvd. Merchants Association

Planning Association for the Richmond

San Francisco Council of District Merchants

The West Portal Merchants Association

Inner Sunset Merchants Association

The Noe Valley Merchants Association


Beauty Network

Big O Tires and Service Center

Fast Stats/Type & Graphics

House of Bagels

House of Flowers

Joe’s Pharmacy

Kitaro Restaurant

Marie Brooks- Ellis Brooks Auto Center

McAvoy & O’Hara

Nizario’s Pizza

Richmond Produce Market

Richmond Vision Care   

San Francisco Toyota

Corey and Glenn Urban, Shell Car Wash

Tia Margarita Restaurant

Tigges Jewelry

Torgsyn Pharmacy

Vance Economic Services

(P.S. These are all small businesses who employ people from the community)