City Attorney data dumps 300,000 pages to shut down grass roots SFMTA GearyBRT lawsuit


Special Holiday Greetings:

Several weeks ago our lawyers received from the City Attorney 300,000 pages of writings in electronic form constituting the Administrative Record for our lawsuit. Searching that massive dump of documents requires expensive technical support and we need contributions to pay for that and our attorneys’ time. The major search work is underway by eight volunteers and we have already discovered government documents supporting our claims.

Christmas puts burdens on budgets – we know that – and we would not ask for assistance unless it is critical. We need to speed up our searches. Volunteers will be working through the holidays. Please see the attached Toronto Star story. This lawsuit is not merely to stop stupidity but to open our transportation agencies’ eyes to the needs of our residents, which are more important than their assumptions about the future!

Any help you can provide, large and small, will assist the lawsuit.  Please send checks to San Franciscans for Sensible Transit, Inc. to P.O. Box 210119, San Francisco CA 94121 or donate through our website at

Thank you for considering this – wishing you a fine Holiday Season.

            Bob Starzel